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dentists When natural teeth are lost or are not able to be saved, quality of life can often be improved and enhanced with the integration of dental implants and implant-retained teeth. Cosmetically pleasing implant supported replacement teeth not only look, but feel and function like natural teeth. Treatment may consist of single-tooth implants, or a series of implants to replace multiple missing teeth, followed by the fabrication of dentures or partial dentures that fit over the implants. There are also options for “fixed” restorations for multiple implants.

We work very closely with each patient’s implant surgeon to determine the best individual treatment options. This interoffice communication is vital to achieve the highest level of function and esthetic appeal, and allows us to deliver beautiful results that endure.

Benefits of dental implants include:

dental education Maintains jaw bone levels to minimize the appearance of aging
dental education Does not require the preparation of neighbouring teeth
dental education Allows for effective chewing and speaking
dental education Results in a feeling of confidence about your smile
dental education Provides numerous esthetic solutions
dental education Functions the most like your natural teeth
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